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Friday, April 06, 2012

‘Mahawangsa’ charts new course with 5S certification

Sumber: New Straits Times
             29 Mac 2012

KUANTAN : KD Mahawangsa is seeking a place in the Malaysian Book Of Records as the first ship of its  kind to receive the prestigious 5S certification.

The 5S system stand for “Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain”.

The 29 years old 4300 tonne Royal Malaysian Navy Multi Role Support Ship receive the workplace organization methodology certification on January from the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC).

Describing it as rare for a navy ship to receive the world-renowned 5S certification, Mahawangsa’s skipper Captain Jamel Abdul Rahman said that certification was possible only through the efforts of the vessel’s 195 crew members and officers.

Jamel said Mahawangsa gained a reputation for efficiency by obtaining the MS ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality and the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Service (OHSAS) 18001:2007.

“It was sheer commitment and teamwork that saw us come this far. The ship’s crew have adopted a world class attitude and we hope to make KD Mahawangsa an example to be follow by other ships in the country”, he said.

Jamel said the ship’s crew and officers were not given any special allocations to implement the standards.

“Their innovative and creative attitude has now helped them work in a more conductive environment,” he said adding the new concept also played a vital role in boosting the effectiveness of the ship’s systems.

Jamel said the crew willing to share experience in implementing 5S concept with others government departments and agencies, as it would help and organisation run smoothly and complete various tasks in less time.

“After KD Mahawangsa implemented the system the crew are more responsibility in their duties and one is able to give what a person needs, ranging the documents, files and kitchen utensils in less than 30 seconds because everything is in place,” he said at the Tanjung Gelang Naval Base here.

The ship had sail from Lumut, Perak, where it is based, before arriving here last Sunday.

Early, Jamel let some 200 representative from government departments and MPC on tour around the 103m long vessel.

KD Mahawangsa had been deployed on many missions, including providing humanitarian aid to Afghan refugees in 2001 and conveying relief supplies to Indian Ocean earthquake victim 2004.

It was also deployed to deliver armored vehicle as part of peacekeeping force for Operation Astute during the 2006 Timor Leste crisis.

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