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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Commanders Get New Postings

Artikel: New Straits Times 27 Jan 2012

THE Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) held a change of com­mand, involving five unit commanders, and a certification award ceremony recently.

Fleet Operations commander Vice-Admiral Datuk Wira Jamil Os­man oversaw the ceremony held on board KD Mahawangsa.

Also present at the event were Fleet Systems commander Rear Ad­miral Datuk Khairuddin Khalid and Fleet Senior Officer Afloat Captain Jamel Abd Rahman.

Among those involved in the change of command was Comman­der Redzuan Talib, who took over the commanding officer's post of KD Panglima Hitam, Paskal, the elite unit of RMN, from Captain Jamal-ludin Saman.

Commander Sazalee Shoib took over as the commanding officer of 501 Squadron from Commander Ajazi Jamaludin.

■ The latter in turn was given charge as commanding officer of 502 Squadron, replacing Commander Mohd Mokhtaruddeen Mohd Mokhtar.

The 501 and 502 Squadrons op­erate the Fennec and Super Lynx helicopters, respectively, of the Navy's air wing, KD Rajawali.

Commander Ahmad Sharifudin Abu Bakar took over as command­ing officer of the frigate KD Lekir from Lieutenant Commander Mo­hamad Shaifudin Hassan, while Commander Shahril Amir Mohd Mokhtar was named commanding officer of training vessel KD Hang Tuah in place of Lieutenant Com­mander Shahris Faisal Abdullah.

During the certification award cer­emony, KD Mahawangsa became the first ship in RMN to receive the 5S Certificate from the Malaysia Pro­ductivity Corporation's (MPC) direc­tor-general Mohd Razali Hussain.

MPC, a statutory body under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), awarded the cer­tificate following an audit of KD Ma­hawangsa, based on the 5S princi­ples: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.

The 29-year-old KD Mahawangsa, built by South Korea, is a Multi Pur­pose Command Support Ship (MPC-SS) ship of the RMN.

The 103m long, 18.5m wide vessel weighs 4,700 tonnes and has a crew of 187 officers and men.

KD Mahawangsa, which began service in 1983 and commanded by Captain (RMN) Jamel Abd Rahman, who is also the Senior Officer Afloat, has a cruising speed of 14-15 knots.

The ship has served during many conflicts and disasters, delivering troops, equipment and supplies within the country and in interna­tional regions. It can carry 20 ar­moured tanks or 30 army 3-tonne trucks.

Presently, the vessel is being used as a training ship and has the dis­tinction of being the first RMN war­ship to enter the Malaysia Book of Records, earning the Integrated Management System and the Occupational, Health Safety Manage­ment System awards on May 18, last year.

Jamil, while congratulating the of­ficers and men on their high stan­dards and responsible nature, said it is a momentous occasion for RMN to celebrate two events simultaneously as it is economical.

The save-time-and-cost system audit by MPC is comparable to a journey towards excellence, which
together with the already in p balance scorecard and strat< management, will augur well provide a benchmark for RJV fleet and units progression, 3i said.

"Nothing is impossible. The awarded to KD Mahawangsa cai a catalyst for inspiration and ativity for the 'Navy People' to hance its image of a world stanc navy," Jamil added.

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